Choosing what to watch doesn’t need to be a war.

Your way of picking movies and TV shows is going to change forever. And for the better.

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Meet Mate!

His mission in life is to learn what you like and give you spot-on suggestions for movies and TV shows.

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Robin, Batman e mate sentados no sofá

Watching with friends?

Mate matches profiles to find recommendations that’ll satisfy everyone! It might even be a war movie, but you’re going to watch it in peace.

We boost your Netflix

Check out the complete catalogue, organized by the best recommendations for you.

Know the opinions of friends, public personalities and critics. Filter as you like. Press play here!

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Foquetes de serviços de streaming de filmes e séries

Heard about a movie, but have no idea where to watch it?

You got it! MateRate also compares prices so you can save some money.

Take control of your TV shows.

Know exactly what’s left to watch, when new episodes come out, and even how far into each TV show your friends are.

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Mate Forrest

The fastest way to buy movie tickets.

Here, only one click keeps you from choosing your seats.

Create alerts and don’t miss a movie from your favorite artists ever again.

Remember that director you loved discovering? Now you can get notified about all his new works.

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Mate diretor Sherlock Holmes

Incurable cinephile, welcome home.

Want to discover the French drama from the 60s that’s perfect for you? The best Iranian movie to rent for less than $5? The limit for our filters is how far your creativity can take you.

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